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The right assembly instructions for your bike or e-bike

1. remove cable tie

1. remove cable tie

2. remove protective components

2. remove protective components

3. remove the protective caps at the front

remove the protective caps at the front

4. remove the protective caps at the rear

remove rear protective caps

5. screw on stem

screw on stem

Open the stem with a 5 mm Allen key to be able to remove the handlebar clamp.

6. insert handlebar

Centre the handlebars

Centre the handlebars.

Centre the handlebars

8. screw down the stem

screw down the stem

Fit the handlebar clamp and tighten all four bolts evenly and firmly.

9. remove the transport lock

remove transport lock

10. remove fork guard

remove fork guard

11. if necessary: insert front wheel

insert front wheel

Insert the front wheel straight into the dropouts, exactly to the stop. Tighten the quick release, paying attention to the running direction of the tyre.

12. insert saddle

insert saddle

Loosen the seat post clamp on the seat tube. Insert the seat post straight into the seat tube without twisting.

13. pedal marking

pedal marking

Each pedal has a small marking (L and R) that indicates on which side of the wheel the pedal must be mounted. The markings can be in different places.

Attention! Do not mix up the left and right pedals under any circumstances. Please read the info sheet.

14. mount the left pedal

mount the left pedal

The left pedal has a left-hand thread. Tighten the pedal firmly with a 15 mm spanner to approx. 35 Nm.

15. mount the right pedal

mount the right pedal

The right pedal has a right-hand thread. Tighten the pedal firmly with a 15 mm spanner to approx. 35 Nm.

16. test drive

test drive

Check the tyre pressure. Refer to the owner's manual for the correct tyre pressure. Then do a test drive.