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E-Bike engines in comparison

E-Bike engines in comparison - expert knowledge

The essentials about the hearts of E-Bikes and pedelecs

The engine is the heart of every electric bicycle, so to speak. Therefore, you should by no means be "lumpen" here. Some discounters advertise with cheap E-Bikes, but honestly, how true can such promises be? If you want to promise your customers real pleasure and long-lasting quality, you will not withhold the decisive facts from them, and that includes the offer from a certain price range. Quality pays off, and we at MHW have professional manufacturers on board who really deliver what they promise: The best quality and the best performance. It goes without saying that many manufacturers offer top quality, whereby each one sets its own priorities and orients itself towards different ideals in terms of development. This is to the benefit of every e-bike buyer, because it opens up a widely diversified, growing market to us that leaves no individual wish unfulfilled. Today we can say with full conviction that there is a perfectly tailored drive for every need, and this is exactly what we now want to address in concrete terms.

Haibike Engine

Important key data regarding the performance of E-Bike engines

This concerns for example the maximum speed and weight. Also relevant are the power delivery and the throttling effect. We also want smooth handling, which is a pleasure to drive, and we are happy to do without the unpleasant background noise that comes from a groaning engine.

The weight of the engines is about two to four kilograms, plus some drive components. According to this, an e-bike will never be able to beat a normal bike - at least in terms of weight - but it doesn't have to. After all, E-Bikes / pedelecs score on completely different levels.

Bosch engines are particularly popular, which score points above all for their long service life and smooth functionality. But to highlight the individual advantages of the manufacturers, we will go into more detail.

What are the main differences between E-Bike engines?

There are huge differences in their type and performance. Depending on the manufacturer, special performance requirements are set and variants are offered.

Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Brose are and remain the leaders in this field. You can't actually go wrong with them, especially since these manufacturers are constantly engaged in further development and bring out the best for consumers. One advantage of the tough competition is the best possible result for every E-Biker and pedelec rider.

For example, the engines differ in weight, power, dynamics, supportive and spontaneous pressure, noise and also size. According to these attributes they are therefore especially suitable and applicable for certain purposes.

With its Performance CX GEN4, for example, Bosch presents the most powerful top-of-the-range engine. With a maximum torque of 75 Nm at a pedal assistance of up to 340 %, the engine responds immediately and extremely powerfully without delay. Despite this performance, the weight is very low, as is the size, which has been reduced to up to 50% compared to its predecessors. Bosch thus offers new possibilities for perfect installation of this core component.

Yamaha, on the other hand, has developed a multi-sport drive, which is something that especially lovers of e-trekking and e-mountainbikes can look forward to. The Quad Sensor System, developed by Yamaha, is a brand new feature, whereby various sensors ensure that the engine always provides optimum support for each individual riding situation. This also opens up new possibilities in terms of use. Are Yamaha engines the perfect all-rounders on the way? We can be curious...

More data on Bosch engines

Bosch Engine Active-Line


The Active-Line version was developed especially for the E-Bike rider who likes it comfortable. The reliability of this smooth engine stands out and gives the rider a high degree of safety.

Data: maximum torque of 50 Nm at a engine output of 250 W, results in an additional support of up to 250%

Bosch Engine Performance Line
Performance Line

Performance Line

The Performance Line is suitable for all E-Bikers who don't like to be tied down and want some leeway. With the all-rounder from Bosch, you're right on target, because this classic offers not only a powerful drive, but above all sportiness and versatility.

The powerful drive achieves up to 63 Nm plus 275% additional drive support, also at 250 W nominal power.

Bosch Engine Performance Line CX
Performance Line CX

Performance Line CX

The Performance Line CX is more suitable for all E-Bikers who want even more: Higher, faster, further! The "bull" among the engines - with impressive dynamic acceleration, whose performance values speak for themselves:

Maximum torque 75 Nm with 300% continuous powerful support, even at high cadence

Wide range of products from Bosch

Bosch's wide range of products is perfectly matched, so that the various drive systems are compatible with any Wh performance of the batteries and various controllers.

You can choose between 400 to 625 Wh and a frame or luggage rack battery. You will never have to compromise on service life, energy density or mileage - Bosch is at the top of all these categories.

Every Bosch system supports you with an on-board computer. You are kept up to date on range, speed and cadence. Another advantage is the good readability - even in sunshine or on night rides.

Bosch's controllers are so sophisticated that you are guaranteed to reach your optimum efficiency range without the controller preventing you from riding safely. Simple and intuitive, well thought out down to the smallest detail.

We have exactly these bikes in our repertoire that are equipped with Bosch drive systems. These include:

Brose engine
Brose Drive C


Brose is also on board, as the developers of Brose engines could not resist getting on the E-Bike horse due to their many years of experience. A good decision, as their skills are not only reflected in their innovative drive concepts.

For example, Brose offers extremely quiet engines which can also be perfectly integrated into the frame. And there is no lack of compatibility here either.

Shimano engine
Shimano pw-X2


Meanwhile we can be happy about Shimano engines, but also about batteries with 418 or 500 Wh and various bicycle computers.

For lovers of city rides as well as other rather relaxed tours, the drive types of the STEPS E6000 systems are especially suitable. With backpedal brake you get an intelligent work support, which additionally offers a high comfort.

Those who prefer a sporty ride will be happy with STEPS E8000, a light engine under 3 kg. There are three levels of assistance: Eco, Trail and Boost, which are controlled by a so-called Firebolt switch.

Shimano scores with high-quality components, the latest technology and small refinements, such as a colour display.

Yamaha engine
Yamaha PW X2


Now to Yamaha's developers, who have a special philosophy of merging with technology. The Yamaha team has achieved this by designing a centrally located, powerful mid-engine with a low centre of gravity, which ultimately provides a natural riding experience that leaves nothing to be desired. The four support levels are called +Eco, Eco, Std and High. The engine's energy is transferred directly to the crankshaft.

If you are looking for improved program control and handling, but also freedom in the form of great manoeuvrability, Yamaha's optimisations will be a welcome addition, as potential buyers will have an increasingly wide choice. And to give you an example: 3.1 kg weight with 5 riding modes and up to 320% support makes your heart beat faster, doesn't it?

In addition, the modern design and an overall visually outstanding result can be decisive for you. Meanwhile, a robust LCD display is also a big plus, because it allows even off-road bikers to expose themselves to all kinds of weather conditions and select a fifth driving mode (EXPW) in addition to additional customizable setup options.