How do I avoid a battery fire?

When charging an e-bike battery, chemical processes are released. This process should therefore always be carried out under supervision and with the appropriate respect. Even if we are now sensitized and deal with the...


Acid Mud Blocker – Buy Tip

In the test “The 8 best mud flaps” by Mountainbike Magazine (01/2022), the Acid Mud Blocker secures the buy tip, putting it ahead of brands such as Crud, Mudhugger, XLC, SKS, Topeak, Zefal and...


Edge Hybrid – Price/Performance Tip

In the test “Dangerous Goods Transporters – Ten Backpack Manufacturers” by EMTB Magazine (06/2021), the Edge Hybrid secures the price/performance tip, putting it ahead of brands like Amplifi, Camelback, Deuter, Ergon, Evoc, Komperdell, XLC,...

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