E-Bike advice

In our e-bike advisor you will find everything you need to know about e-bikes. Whether you have questions about the battery, the different motor manufacturers or the range – our consultant is at your side and provides a lot of answers and interesting information. What is a pedelec? What does an e-bike weigh and how much does it cost? These and many other questions are answered in detail in the e-bike advisor and in the e-bike FAQ. We have put ourselves in the shoes of our customers to find out which information could be most useful and which questions about e-bikes are probably on your mind.


Questions about e-bikes

How heavy is an electronically assisted bicycle? Depending on the equipment, the weight varies between 16 and 30 kg. How old do I have to be to use an e-bike or pedelec? The following...


How does an e-bike / pedelec work?

With the help of sensors, values such as torque, speed and cadence are detected, after which the motor supports you with the corresponding power. The electric motor conjures up more power from your muscle...


Information on the e-bike battery

A brief overview – important facts at a glance: Basics: When buying a rechargeable battery, look for the GS mark. This mark ensures that you will enjoy using your battery and that all safety...


E-bike motors in comparison

The essentials about the hearts of e-bikes and pedelecs The motor is, so to speak, the heart of every electric bike. Therefore, you should by no means “let yourself go lumpen” here. Some discounters...


Range of an e-bike

Please do not forget that the e-bike can also be used like a normal bicycle, so the battery does not slow you down when it is empty. In this case, you simply ride again...


How much should a good e-bike cost?

We can’t really recommend any e-bike below a price limit of 1300 euros, because this type of bike depends on several technical components that must be of consistently high quality to guarantee long-lasting enjoyment....