How does an e-bike / pedelec work?

With the help of sensors, values such as torque, speed and cadence are detected, after which the motor supports you with the corresponding power.

The electric motor conjures up more power from your muscle strength, which doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything more, but that you simply get faster at the same cadence. Ergo: The faster you want to go, the faster you have to pedal and select a higher assistance level accordingly. To do this, use the control unit on the handlebars. If you want to achieve as much power as possible on your own, then lower the assistance level. However, if you are going uphill and want more assistance, you can increase the level again.

Drive types

We distinguish between front motor, mid-mounted motor and rear motor. Each concept has its advantages ..

Front motors

Front motors (hub motors) are among the most inexpensive drive systems and have been designed especially for entry-level models and low riders. They also make it possible to install a coaster brake and can be retrofitted, but they influence the handling somewhat more than other motors. The reason is the centre of gravity. On wet roads, for example, it could occasionally become problematic because the front drive cannot prevent the front wheel from spinning.

Rear motors

Rear motors (hub motors) are very quiet and impress with their dynamic handling. These motors are also available as recuperation drives, whereby energy can be recovered. Another advantage is that they can be retrofitted, and rear drives can also be combined, for example with derailleur gears.

A disadvantage is that this type of drive does not allow coaster brakes and the riding experience is occasionally perceived as unsteady.


The mid-mounted motor (bottom bracket motor) can be quickly explained on the basis of a few points:

The even distribution of the weight has a favourable effect on the centre of gravity, which has little and above all no negative influence on the riding behaviour. Due to their robustness, these motors are suitable for all e-bikes. Unfortunately, due to the special frame construction, retrofitting is not possible. A coaster brake is possible. In addition, the bike can be combined with a derailleur or hub gear system as desired.

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