Petty offence? E-bike tuning – These dangers are imminent

Theoretically, an e-bike can reach speeds higher than 25 km/h. With an e-bike tuning kit, this restriction can be manipulated or lifted. We do NOT recommend this modification and do not fit tuning kits. In addition, the warranty expires and an adaptation of the e-bike motor is not permitted in public road traffic.

Tuning in theory

By means of a chip or dongle, the throttle is lifted and the bike can reach over 50 km/h. Another possibility is to adjust the speedometer. Another possibility is to manipulate the speedometer by means of a magnet. This halves the speed from 20 km/h and can therefore also reach up to 50 km/h.

Tuning and road traffic regulations

Pedelecs and e-bikes are exempt from the obligation to display number plates as long as the motor (up to 250 W) does not exceed 25 km/h. Above this speed, the motor assistance stops. Above this speed, the motor assistance stops. With a tuned e-bike, the insurance expires. In addition, the wear and tear is much higher than in normal operation, as the components are not designed for overloading.


Riders of an S-pedelec need a driving licence, helmet and insurance. They are allowed to ride up to 45 km/h. So if you want to go faster, you should get an S-pedelec. With pedelecs, you should note that you are not allowed to ride on cycle paths and that you are also not allowed to fit child seats or trailers.

Conclusion: A tuned e-bike is certainly a lot of fun off the road, but we advise against it for the reasons mentioned above.

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